LMS Support in 5 Minutes

Upon first receiving Edline as my LMS after D2L I was very apprehensive. I missed D2L's interface and found the Edline less teacher-friendly. I struggled for the first couple of months to figure out the sweet tricks of Edline that actually make it...

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lxd, design, k12Tara Gilboa
One-Way Video Interviews

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview for a Higher Ed position using a one-way video recording system called HireVue.  To say the least, this was a very surprising growth experience for me. On the one hand, the user-experience...

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Tara Gilboa
Who Are The Students "Most Likely to Succeed"?

Are even our most successful schools truly preparing students for the Innovation Age? I have closely observed how school culture can prize educational values of academic achievement and the glorification of college as the great equalizer. "Get into a good fit college and you will have the stepping stone you need...

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booksTara Gilboa
Can Educators Do Design Thinking?

I've observed a trend among educators recently (I, myself, am guilty of this) where after reading thoroughly about a topic and strengthening one's ability to discuss the concept at a level demonstrating distinguished interpersonal or presentational communication skills (ACTFL shout-out right there, language educator anyone?) then one has mastered "it." 

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