Classroom Experience Re-Design in Higher Education: Pathway to Space

The Academic Technology Design Team in the Office of Information Technology at CU-Boulder is spearheading phenomenal course re-design projects on campus. The latest project, headed by the lovely Courtney Fell, is re-designing the "Intro to Space" course that is required for all Space minors. They have a goal of marketing to Arts & Sciences undergraduates to get them involved as well. Students will watch videos and take formative quizzes before "lecture," which will actually be a live talk-show. Every session the professor, Chris Khoeler, will interview (in front of the class) a rockstar from the space community. Groups of students will prepare questions and skits for the show. I'm excited to see where this goes and continue sitting in on the pilot demos to provide feedback as the design comes to fruition!

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lxd, design, higher edTara Gilboa