Tools for Building Community in Hybrid Course Design

How do you “build” community in a hybrid “21st century classroom?” How do you pick tech tools to increase students’ ability to support one another both inside and outside of the classroom? How do you promote classroom community in an age of digital distraction?

Well, there’s no right answer.

...but I'll try to provide some.

According to the last Educause report from 2016, fewer than 10% of students want a completely in person learning experience. About 90% of students are requesting a hybrid-structured course. Here's a snippet of the report:

'If we were to go to a buffet of online-community building tech tools, what might we get to pick from?"

How to build classroom community in the tech-age was the theme of my presentation for School of Mines faculty last Friday. What a dynamic group of higher education professionals truly dedicated to improving the undergraduate academic learning experience! I was impressed with the Trefny Innovative Instruction Center and everyone else I met, to say the least.

We looked at anti-sets and closures, slack,, and quizlet. Lot's of fun.

When it comes down to it, everything else is secondary to the in-person real-time connections to be built. Tech supplements that pedagogical skill-set a structor can work on. At least, for now.

design, higher ed, lxdTara Gilboa