LMS Support in 5 Minutes

Upon first receiving Edline as my LMS after D2L I was very apprehensive. I missed D2L's interface and found the Edline less teacher-friendly and more geared for parents and students. I struggled for the first couple of months to figure out the sweet tricks of Edline that actually make it a fabulous platform with the right know-how.

So, only an hour back on Peak to Peak's campus after a two month hiatus I found myself happily supporting colleagues with Edline quick fixes. Learning some basic html and css this summer certainly helped. I saved some snapchats of a PD session with 2015 Math Teacher of the Year, the lovely Ms. C-Spotts. Instead of editing all of her edline pages for all of her classes, we decided it was more convenient for her to work out of google-docs and just have that work automatically updated to her webpages without her having to use the LMS editor. We embedded them.

We also had a little TOO much fun learning how to do so. Alas, we snapchatted our adventure to capture the magic... We finished everything she wanted to finish for the new year super fast. Here are some of my favorite snaps where we semi-contained our laughter:


Snapchatting PD Session with Anita from Tara Irene Gilboa on Vimeo.

Check out the video below for out to embed google docs into all of your pages and never have to edit directly in edline. 

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