Top Tools from the #EdTechTeam's 2017 Conference

If you can't make it to a conference, all is not lost.

Troll twitter for the top tools & takeaways.

Organize the resources for later. Reflect in writing.

BitEmoji & Google Slides

As educators, we can bring new opportunities for students to play with design and storytelling through technology.

One fun way to do this? Bit emoji comics. Many participants posted their finished products of to twitter. Check out What Evan created in Sylvia's workshop:

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 1.35.34 PM.png



The golden rule to creating an engaging learning experience? Create a sense of urgency. No better way to do this than through crafting a BreakOutEdu. Now, you can do one online.

Aubrey's slides were so well put together, I was able to create my own BreakOut on 10 minutes. 


I swear I have been sketchnoting since 5th grade... I'm glad it's finally "pedagogically sound."

Brian Rozinsky's Padlet.

Last but not least, skim Rozinsky's padlet for excellent take-aways and ideas.

Made with Padlet

I'm still contemplating the value of turning educators into "game designers" and "instructional technologists" instead of building new models of partnership and support among the three.

Sometimes educators play "learning experience designer" having never reached proficiency themselves in applying UX/UI strategy to their underlying foundation in pedagogy.

We talk about the standard at which we want to hold our students to for comprehending the "level 1" information before moving on - but do we, as educators, hold ourselves to the same level of accountability?

The best professional development that has enhanced my role coaching educators has come from outside the silo of education. How else can you understand how to best prepare students for the world beyond your own walls? The answer certainly is not to teach students how to make emoji cartoons, no offense to those who will...

Students need to become innovators, similarly to educators.

As the Assistant Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sarabeth Burke at CU-Boulder says, to be an innovator you have to be the first, the only, or the best. Implementing educational technology in the classroom does not equate to creating innovators. Teaching processes of innovation does, and that is separate and different from being a technology specialist & a learning experience designer for that matter.

When the educational technologists leading our communities of educators embark on their own professional development journey to embody practices of innovation, that's when I believe we'll prepare our students for their lives in a world so vastly different from how we grew up.

Till then, back to making bit emoji cartoons...